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Props & Guestbooks

Props & Guestbooks

Something different

Today a wedding guest book can be more than just a pen and paper. The traditional book has transformed to match ever-changing trends, and whilst a simple guestbook is a great way to document the well-wishes of your guests, many of you may wish to opt for something different. Your guestbook is going to be a great keepsake, and something you can even cherish in your home as a décor piece. So we have a few alternative creative and interactive ideas to commemorate your big day in a more unique way, which you might just prefer. If you’re in favor of a more unorthodox idea, we can create for you - A polaroid wall, a message in a bottle or if you come up with something different, we can make that too! On the topic of unique, we can also provide props for your special day - such as personalised life size polaroid style frames, a polaroid photo-booth, a flower wall or even a sweet cart. Not to mention giant light up letters to make sure your night is one to remember.

An idea or two...
How much will it cost?

Every wedding is different, so we ask that you contact us with your exact requirements so that we can create a package that suits you. The cost will depend upon your choice of guestbook, or your chosen props.

For more information about our range of Props & Guestbooks, or to build your perfect package, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call us on 01253 366007 or email