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Guestbook Guide

Do you want a way to remember your special day down to every last detail? A guest book is a lovely way to commemorate the day and the guests that were invited to spend it with you.

Guest books became a popular tradition after it was no longer a legal requirement for guests who had witnessed the union to sign the marriage document. Since then, people have been using guest books as a way to remember who attended the wedding (and it also helps you to form a list of who you need to send ‘Thank You’ cards too)!

It is becoming increasingly popular to have an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book. Since weddings are so unique and personal we think that the way in which you remember your perfect day should be unique too.

Every detail of a wedding should be exactly how you would like it to be so here are just a few guest book alternatives that we think will impress your guests and help to make your day more personal to you.

Here’s three of our favourites…


1. Wooden Heart Guest Book

Having a wooden heart guest book is the perfect idea for anybody who would like to keep a reminder of their day on display rather than storing a traditional wedding guest book on a shelf.

Each guest would sign their name onto one of the wooden hearts and drop it into the personalised glass frame, filling it with the names of your loved ones.

This is an especially good idea for couples who are having a rustic wedding as the wooden frame and hearts would be well suited to the theme.


2. Polaroid Guest Book

We are big believers in ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ so a polaroid guest book is one of the best ways that you could possibly remember the day. Looking back at polaroid pictures of your guests will be a nice addition to any professional photography as you are able to capture them in a way that they would like you to remember them on your special day. It also allows them to have some fun whilst posing for pictures.

The idea is for your guests to take the pictures and stick them in the guest book next to a message for you.

This is the perfect idea for anybody that is sentimental and would like to have as many pictures as possible from their wedding day.


3. Fingerprint Guest Book

The last alternative guest book is this framed fingerprint tree. Having a piece of artwork created by the fingerprints of the guests at your wedding is a lovely idea. You would be able to hang this up and have it on display for all to see when people visit your home.

Each guest would print their inked finger onto one of the branches of the tree. It’s a simple and quick idea that would save time and queueing, but would also surprises guests and get them talking.


If you would like your very own custom guestbook – check out our ‘Props & Guestbooks‘ page or email for your personalised quote.